Flyball is a fast-paced fun team sport for dogs.  Dogs compete on a team of four dogs and handlers against another team.  They are released in the “end zone” and run down a lane, jumping four hurdles and jumping onto a spring loaded “box” that shoots out a tennis ball.  The dog catches the ball and returns over the hurdles.  The next dog is released to meet as close as possible at the start line and this continues until all four dogs complete without making an error.  The first team to complete wins the heat.  Average times for this run are from 15 seconds to 28 seconds!!  Flyball is done all over the US, Canada, and Great Britain.  NAFA – North American Flyball Association is the governing board in the US and Canada.  All dogs can play Flyball.  Teams are arranged by expected times so that slower teams compete against teams in their time range
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